AminoMarine protein powders all come in the peptide phase - and with the below information, you can see why we go to this trouble.   Coming to this page implies you are seeking deeper knowledge about Peptides, health and nutrition – and we want to help you in your quest. 

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     BCAA levels   ---   Chron's / IBS ---  rapid absorption  ---- hunger reduction  ---  peptides support immune system

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     Video: Peptides and Gut Health

     Video: Understanding Peptides and impact on Life

     Video: Peptides - muscle build and fat burning (AminoMarine is up to 25% collagen peptide)

Gut Health and Nutrient Uptake  - Many conditions of the gut lining can prevent absorption of full lenght proteins - in addition, persons with compromised immune systems, illness or those receiving aggressive medical treatments such as chemotherapy for cancer are exceptionally sensitve to lack of nutrient uptake.   Providing the protein in a peptide form is a first choice of doctors/nutritionist for improving nutrient uptake in such situations. 

Rotate your Proteins - Regular consumption of proteins at higher levels can lead to digestive issues or even allergies. It is recommended that if you use Whey Protein on a daily basis that you consider switching some days each week to alternate protein sources. AminoMarine offers you a marine based protein and because it is hydrolyzed (smaller fractions of a protein) it is less allergenic than a full length protein.  

Recent scientific publications indicate that the human body has more bacterial cells than it does of its own cells. Incredible when you think about it, you are only half of you – the other half is your bacterial biome......and feeding and keeping that biome healthy is an important part of your nutrition. Did you know that Peptides are an optimal source of nutrition for bacteria?  Drink an AminoMarine™ shake and you’ll be feeding your healthy gut bacteria – peptides are more than probiotics, peptides are the food that the bacterial need to survive.

Economics:  Think about that expensive $2.00 pack of probiotic yogurt (with only 6g of protein per serving and all that plastic packaging) then compare it to the 65 cents that 15g of pure AminoMarine will cost – more protein and more peptides for your intestinal health at a fraction of the cost !


What Health Websites Say About Building a Healthy Intestinal Lining -   Bioactive Peptide Protein from Fish

Hydrolized white fish protein is pre-digested by the fish’s own enzymes from the amino acid level to the peptide protein level. This peptide molecule of protein is then available to be absorbed into the intestinal lining where it may help to restore and repair tissue.

In random, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies performed on patients with Leaky Gut Syndrome and an irritable bowel, the patients were given 3 grams of pre-digested white fish protein per day. In six weeks, the symptoms disappeared and the bowel was strengthened in every patient by 79 percent.

Health911 Website:  "One of the most unique supplements that has been shown to be effective in the treatment of IBS is pre-digested fish protein.......that is rich in peptides, a protein molecule that is absorbed through the intestinal membrane.  Individuals suffering from IBS have praised its effectiveness in alleviated their symptoms; one patient noted, “used regularly, [fish protein] does more to alleviate irritable bowel problems that any fiber pills or powdered products I have taken.” 

Medicine from Fish:  Healing your gut, IBS, Crohn's

    If you’re the curious type, then consider doing a Google search of some of the following phrases.
    Impact of fish peptides on digestive diseases such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) Crohn’s. (Columbia University study)Fish Peptide Powder label
    Peptide vs Amino Acid absorption. (Hint: Pepitdes absorb faster)
    Fish Peptide have high Antioxidant levels
    Fish Peptides - Blood Pressure Reduction / (ACE)


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