Fast Absorption and    Increased HGH Production

Looking for the best way to assure maximum results from your hard work and training ?'ve found it.  

Through enzymatic fractioning of the proteins into the peptide range, AminoMarine™ brings you the cleanest, most digestible and bio-actively available fish protein source available today.

A majority of the fractions fall in the mono, di and tri peptide ranges, improving the hypo-allergenic properties - assuring fastest possible absorption - and inducing natural HGH production.

Have 20-40% of your protein in a peptide form pre/post workout for superior muscle recovery.  A great way to supplement your protien needs.  


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Fish Protein Powder         Pure Nutrition

If you have a dietary condition that prevents you from using dairy or other grain based proteins, AminoMarine™ and Paleocean™ give you a unique choice - and research around the world shows that fish peptides can be tolerated by individuals with many digestive limitations.

A clean label, marine based protein powder with properties no other product on the market can offer. 

High levels of branch chain and essential amino acids and the extra kick of taurine.  Get the antioxidants, micronutrients and organic mineral complexes naturally present in marine based life forms.   An impressive 1:2 Magnesium to Calcium ratio - multiple times better than dairy.

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Taste the difference        Today

You want more from life than the same old protein routine, so AminoMarine offers you the advantge of a great tasting, marine based protein source that fits the way you already live and eat. 

By removing the fish oil, we've created a protein powder that mixes great with any shake or meal replacement strategy. 


Fish Peptide Powder label

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